2017  •  Changi Airport Group

A Feathery Trail of Adventures

    Art direction, Illustration, Installation

Tasked by Changi Airport Group to dress up its temporary hoarding lines masking the expansion and improvement works at the airport, we collaborated with Insert Coin to conceptualise a series of 9 interactive mechanical installations to draw parallels between the free-spirited nature of birds and travellers with a passion for exploration. Our feathered friend leads us on a journey uncovering the sights and sounds of Singapore, beginning right here from Changi Airport.

We took on the role of creative lead and also illustrated all the elements for the window displays and hoarding. 

 The Streets Come Alive

River Party

Secrets In The Garden

The Heartlands

Island Of An Island

Treasure Trove

Balanced Diet

A Celebration Of Flavours

Insert Coin

Creative consultant
Jack Tan (Mottomori)

Production & build
Ham Creations

Jenson Lee (A Good Cut)