2018  •  Singapore International Foundation

Insights From The Inside

    Editorial, Illustration

Singapore International Foundation (SIF) builds lasting relationships between Singapore and global communities, fostering positive change through cross-cultural interactions in healthcare, education, entrepreneurship, arts and sports. The third volume of Insights From The Inside explores Asean’s diverse facets through 50 essays and artworks, offering insights into the region’s identity and aspirations.

Providing clean water, protecting biodiversity and promoting entrepreneurship. Innovators find solutions to problems. Innovation in areas like education, healthcare and conservation raises the quality of lives in the region. It advances our thinking and improves the way we do things. 

An influencer makes an impact on people’s lives. We were inspired by a friend working for a travel platform that collaborates with communities, social enterprises and NGOs in Asia. Through conversations and actions, influencers are constantly learning about social issues, experiencing different cultures and helping to bring about positive changes within Asean.