2023  •  Circle

The Digital Currency For Everyone

    Art direction, Illustration, Mural

Circle is a financial services company that uses blockchain technology for its cryptocurrency-related products. The opening of the Singapore office marks the beginning of an exciting chapter for Circle in the region.

For this milestone, they commissioned an original mural artwork to showcase their vision and people across Asia Pacific. The client also wanted to highlight the global movement of money through current and speculative future use cases. We incorporated a specific colour palette and gradients to align with the brand’s visual style.

The event welcomed key figures from the banking, finance, and crypto industry. Guests received exclusive merchandise featuring the artwork.

For the hero element, we proposed the idea of identical twins as a visual metaphor to illustrate the frictionless 1:1 exchange of value between USDC (USD Coin, a digital stablecoin) and USD, without the need for a third party. Dressed in Asian motifs, the twins move in perfect unison to convey a sense of unity, trust and stability.

Tourists visiting Bali can enhance their vacation experience by embracing the convenience of mobile wallet phone-to-phone transactions when paying for goods and services.

Korea & Japan
In these esports gaming markets, players can purchase tokens and in-game items to advance position, or choose to earn digital dollars.

Within a strong startup ecosystem, entrepreneurs can swiftly and easily receive venture capital funding. Hackathons encourage the development of innovative solutions to problems.

The business-to-business semiconductor hub stands as a global leader in cybersecurity, electronic manufacturing, and microchip production, attracting business from the United States.

Circle advocates for financial literacy and greater financial inclusion. With a focus on education, they are committed to providing accessible funding. 

Individuals working in the United States can send money back home to their families through easy cross-border transactions.

Property developers can tokenise properties by breaking down ownership into fractional shares and sell them to investors around the world.

Unlike traditional markets, traders have access to crypto trading 24/7. The orchids are a nod to Project Orchid, an exploratory project examining the design and technical aspects pertinent to digital Singapore dollar, by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Circle on a Global Stage
Circle works with policymakers at a global level, partnering with organisations such as the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and World Economic Forum.